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  • Reading: xen's first draft
  • Watching: buffy
 I won't paste the rules because i don't really know any other active people on here to tag.
 Questions from Sofia:

1. Who is your favourite author and what would be your favourite book by them?
  I'm going to say Dodie Smith and I Capture the Castle even tho I have read none of her other works, simply because this is the only book to consistently make me cry.

2. What art/artists inspire you most?
 I really look up to Emily Hu, because she just seems so in love with art and I find her pretty funny. Art that inspires me as such tends to be books or other forms of storytelling, because i'd love to be at a level where i can tell a story with a picture. But currently this manifests as a way for me to pick attractive faces to draw.

3. What got you into drawing yourself? 

4.  Is there something you're supposed to be doing right now, but you're putting off? What is it?
 Arranging my paperwork for my driving test tomorrow.

5.  Describe to me your favourite OC out of all of the ones you have created. 
  Wow it's been a while since I even contemplated my OCs. I'm not a good one for character creation anyway. I'm going to pick Evelyn Hallow, simply because I still favour Halloween and her colour scheme.

6. What music are you loving at the moment?
 I managed to get myself addicted to Wicked Games by The Weeknd. I'm also listening to The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) and The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Sia) quite a lot.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why that place?
 New Zealand because they have skiing hot springs and gorgeous scenery and New Zealand accents.

8. Are you good at keeping your drawings to your sketchbook or are the type to sketch on loose leafs of paper?
 I often doodle on loose leaf because i hate the thought of tarnishing a sketch book with a shitty drawing. I am trying to train myself back into using sketchbooks tho, to save paper.

9. Would you ever be interested in exploring abandoned places?
 Yeah, they can be pretty cool. I wouldn't go alone tho, and certainly not at night.

 Eat lots of garlic. Use an insect net. Get an insecticutor. You might need to sell your soul to the devil if all that fails.

 Well I'm in my first week of my work placement now and it's going okay so far :) Hope you are all well! xxx


likes tea...
United Kingdom
I like: Drawing, knitting, crochet, music, X-Files, reading, pineapple juice...



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